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The rich
will make temples for Shiva.
What shall I,
a poor man,

My legs are pillars,
the body the shrine,
the head a cupola
of gold.

Listen, O Lord of the meeting rivers
things standing shall fall,
but the moving ever shall stay.

A.K. Ramanujan, Speaking of Shiva (Penguin), 88.


Clemens Mendonca, “Asia’s Mission of Dialogue”, in: The Journal of Theologies and Cultures in Asia, Rethinking Mission in Asia 7&8 (2008/2009), 139-159.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Contributions to the Dialogue of Cultures, A Note on Francis X. D’Sa’s Response to the Intercultural Challenge of our Time”, in: Thomas Schreijäck, Siegfried Wiedenhofer (Hg.), Mission – Ein Dialog. Francis X. D’Sa zu Ehren (Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2008), 54-73.
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Clemens Mendonca, “The Major Concepts of Raimon Panikkar”, in: Kala Acharya/Milena Carrara Pavan (Eds.), Raimon Panikkar, His Legacy and Vision (Mumbai: Somayya Publications, 2008), 23-34.
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Clemens Mendonca, “The Eucharist and Daily Life”, in: Kurien Kunnumpuram, S.J (Ed.), The Eucharist and Life (Mumbai: St. Paul’s Publications, 2007), 189-203.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Sharing Hope in the struggles of Marginalized Communities”, in: CTC Bulletin, Special Issue on the Fifth Congress of Asian Theologians, Part 1 (April 2007), 15-25.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Church in Asia: Following the ‘Mystery’ Model or Imitating the ‘Mastery’ Model?” in: Evelyn Monteiro/Antoinette Gutzler (Eds.), Ecclesia of Women in Asia (ISPCK, 2005), 108-123.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Eucharist and Daily Life”, in: Jnanadeepa, Pune Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. 8: 2 (July 2005), 107-120.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Dialogue and Collaboration - the Future of India”, in: John Fernandes (Ed.), Karl Rahner, A Theologian of Dialogue (Samsarg Prakashan, Chair in Christianity, Mangalore University, 2005), 61-77.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Panikkars Beitrag zu einer interreligiösen und interkulturellen Hermeneutik aus indischer Sicht”, in: Bernhard Nitsche (Hg.), Gottesdenken in interreligioeser Perspektive. Raimon Panikkars Trinitätstheologie in der Diskussion (Frankfurt/M: Lambeck & Paderborn: Bonifatius, 2005), 75-89.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Kirche in Asien: Dem Mystery-Prinzip folgen oder das Mastery-Prinzip imitieren?”, in: Hyondok Choe/Annette Meuthrath (Hg.), Das Schweigen brechen – Asiatische Theologinnen ringen um die befreiende Dimension des Glaubens (Herder, 2005), 144-160.
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Clemens Mendonca, “The Role of Women in Hindutva”, in: Jnanadeepa, Pune Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. 7, No. 1 (January 2004), 51-67.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Interreligious Education”, in: Catechetics India, Kolkatta, May 2003, 10-15.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Is the Situation of Women in India due to the Impact of Religious Prescriptions?” in: Purushartha, Pune (July 2003), 24-30.
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Clemens Mendonca, “Grenzen überschreiten – Brücken bauen”, in: Grenzerfahrungen, Begegnungen mit P. Francis X. D’Sa SJ (Wiesbaden- Naurod: Katholische Akademie, 2002), 16-22.
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Clemens Mendonca, "Crossing Borders From Religious to Interreligious Education in India", in: Anand Amaladass/Rosario Rocha (Eds.), Crossing the Borders (Chennai: Satya Nilayam Publications, 2001), 25-44.
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Clemens Mendonca, "Religiöse Bildung: Für ein befreiendes Verständnis der Frau in den religösen Traditionen Indiens", in: Thomas Schreijäck (Hg.), Religion im Dialog der Kulturen (LIT Verlag Münster, 2000), 133-142.
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Clemens Mendonca, "Das sich ändernde kulturelle Bild der Frau in Indien", in: Thomas Schreijäck (Hg.), Menschwerden im Kulturwandel, Edition Exodus (Luzern, 1999), 414-423.
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